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Step inside Aubin's apothecary!

Lately I've been on a creative kick with these gorgeous book nooks. I personalised this one to be Aubin's apothecary. Take a step in and look around! Just don't touch any stock, okay?

This is a set I got from Cute Fun but made it my own with unique elements and finds: a tiny doctor's kit, little vases and paper flowers I made, some flowers from Hobbycraft, and dragon's tears over the lights to make glowstones. Also, I changed the view out of the windows to a view of the inside of the Academy, the underground town under Oberrot City.

I also added some hanging plants to dry out, and little measuring jugs on the shelves.

I painted nearly everything with some metallic paints, rose gold, chocolate, silver, gold, pearl and more, to reflect the light and help everything pop.

And put little easter eggs in: pictures of the castle and academy, tiny test tubes that Aubin used to make bruswurt in Book 2, and of course, the unruly rhomda plant making it's way into Aubin's neat and ordered life, starting to turn everything upside down!

Check out the tour below!

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