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Dark Tides

Fae fantasy romance, with rare Scottish fae struggling to save their dying world. 

Book 1

A Dram of Freshwater



Most quoted

"Bad luck, Rory. This is just a bad trip."


Grumpy x sunshine

He falls first

Fae deals

The world is ending. Rory can’t wait.  


Stealing souls from under the noses of the guardians of the underworld is hard work, but for immortal Cat Sidhe Rory, it's all he has ever known. Hiding behind humour, he masks the dark waters closing overhead, but the longer he puts a smile on his face, the more real the threat becomes.  


The world is beginning. Darla can’t wait. 


Darla is an explorer, endlessly fascinated by the land above. As a selkie, she remains trapped under the waves except for once every seven years. But, as luck would have it, now is her time to escape the waves. Desperate to sate her hunger for adventure, she finds her way to the surface, ready to experience all of the wonders of existence, including love, for the very first time.  

But the fae world is ending. What will they risk to save it… and each other?


🌊🌊🌊“A fantasy tale with all the feels. A bit dark, quite ballsy, and full of heart.” - The Magic Book Corner, 5 stars


🌊🌊🌊“I love a book that can make me laugh, can make me bite my nails anxiously, (and) can evoke a warm feeling in my heart, and this book did all that in spades!! - Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

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Book 2

The Shadow of Death



Most quoted

"I'm not a man of many words, Neri."

"No, but I hear them anyway."


Cinnamon roll hero

Kick ass heroine

Fated mates

Forbidden love

A king with a broken crown. 

Shay rules from the murky corners of the Topaz Court, a realm not many willingly travel to. It promises only one thing —Death. Duty eats away at the dark king, and as he escorts departed souls to the Otherworld, something—or someone—threatens to taint his kingdom and destroy the magic that sustains it. 


A selkie searching for answers. 

Seven years ago, Neri's sister disappeared on dry land over the sands. Neri has prepared every day since to follow after her and find what delays her sister's return to the waves. 

Death hounds after the selkie. Shay shouldn’t stand in its way; to upset the balance is to risk everything. Not even when her spirit stirs something inside him, something he thought long lost...


As the threat to magic grows, the selkie might be the key. Together, Shay and Neri traverse the realms to save their homes, their families, and perhaps even themselves. Will they succeed, even under the shadow of death?

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The Magic Book Corner

"A fantasy tale with all the feels. A bit dark, quite ballsy, and full of heart. The perfect mix of bitter and sweet, just like a delicious silky dark chocolate."

Rest of the series

Ready for a fling with the fae? It's going to get wet!

Books 1 and 2 are out in ebook and paperback now! Book 3 is on the way...

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You'll be spending a lot of time with these guys and gals! Or, rather, rare fae and the curious selkies who collide with them.


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