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About me

One promise:

I write compelling characters, and their epic journeys and unbroken spirits have staying power.

What I can't promise is a good night's sleep (sorry not sorry) or a tamed TBR.

You love fantasy, right? Good, you're in the right place. There's just so many worlds to explore, from Eddings to Pullman to Jordan, worlds filled with possibility and potential. I'm a fan of the favourites, and I also love fresh new voices on the indie scene!

My series are fresh take on your favourite tropes, making you fall in love with them all over again.

You can find:

  • Enemies to inseperable friends

  • Twinned souls with a twist

  • A fresh take on the fae

  • Stories with lots of heart, a bit dark and ballsy

  • Characters with staying power


This is where the worlds open up for you. I cannot wait to come with you on your journey.

Becky James

I’m Becky James, a USA Today Bestselling Author, and I create astounding stories with staying power. From the first page to the very last, feel the characters triumph over trials and celebrate the changes they conquer, both inside and out.

I've been writing since I learnt to put pencil to paper, and in 2019 a story just wouldn't let me go. It turned into The King's Swordsman, one side of a sequence of stories which I hope to do justice to.


Publication order

This is the publication order of my work across all my series, for information only.

book 1 KDP.jpg

The Tenets in the Tattoos

Published August 2021, immediately getting the Indie Books We Love stamp from

dough boy (1).jpg

Dough Boy

Prequel novella in third person, from a young Gavain's point of view. This book came together from a series of prompts over a week!

Book 2.jpg

The Bind of Blood and Bonds

The darkest book I have ever written, I cried every day drafting this. Avail yourself of the content warnings if you need to.

dram of freshwater ebook_edited.jpg
Book 3.jpg
book 4.jpg

A Dram of Freshwater

The Limit of the Lonely Man

The Tempered Turns of Time

Early 2022 saw me release a novella (still 50+k words!) set in a new realm: rare fae and curious selkies collide as the fae world fades.

Spring 2022 had me scrambling to turn book 3 into two books (this and The Tempered Turns of Time) as a surprise arc appeared!

...But the scramble was worth it as book 4 was worth waiting for! I celebrated Tenet's first birthday with the publication of the fourth book in the series.

Tuniel (1).jpg

Tuniel: The Cold Mage

A companion novella to The Bind of Blood and Bonds, this is the story told from Tuniel's point of view. She really wanted her side out there!

The Shadow of Death

September 2022 saw the release of Dark Tides Book1, which catapulted me into USA Today Bestselling Author status!

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