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Let the fun begin

Just a bit of silliness to lighten your day.

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Find out who you are most like from the series!

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Test your jigsaw puzzle skills against the book cover of The Shadow of Death

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Got the Realm of Darkness boxset? Great! This quiz will help you narrow down which of the nearly 40 novels you could start with.

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Links to The Magic Book Corner's imperfectly perfect ladies series, where Thorrn and Evyn help the dragon Jeff create a perfect den for book characters. A fine funny read, grab your mead and dig in!

Massive thank you to This.Baby.Reads on Instagram for these amazing memes! Getting a meme drop is a pinnacle achievement: I believe if something hits someone enough for them to make a meme out of it, it really has touched them!

A review of The Tenets in the Tattoos as a strong new fantasy title.

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Discover new worlds with a fresh take on your favourite tropes. (3).jpg

The incomparable Magic Book Corner reimagined the book covers using books!

Nils Odlund generated Thorrn and Evyn from Midjourney! Check them out here.

Which King's Swordsman character are you?

Jigsaw of Death (sort of)

Which Realm of Darkness story should you start with?


Made it with books


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