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Content advisory for The Bind of Blood and Bonds

Content warnings and chapter by chapter overview

If you need to avail yourself of content warnings for The Bind of Blood and Bonds, you are in the right place. I understand everyone's tolerance is subjective, so I've put together this resource as guidance. Definitely the darkest in the series, Bind has been described as hard-hitting but rewarding. I don't put my characters through the wringer unnecessarily, and there are still moments of light and happiness in here.

That said, if you like to know where to gird yourself, here's the chapter by chapter map of potential content that you may like to be aware of before diving in.


In-book content advisory:

This publication contains content including sexual assault, fantasy violence and reference to self harm, suicide and domestic violence. Reader proceed at your own discretion.

In the chapter map opposite, the two chapters in bold have been described by multiple readers as the darkest. 

Chapters 1-3

Bullying. Self-harm in Chapter 3.

Chapter 4

Fantasy violence

Chapter 5

Relationship ending

Chapter 6

Gore and severe distress to main character

Chapters 7-8

Recovery; more light-hearted

Chapters 9-11


Chapter 12

Fantasy violence, relationship strained.

Chapter 13

Uncomfortable interview

Chapter 14

Suicide, bullying

Chapter 15

Sexual assault, immediately stopped.

Chapter 16

Discussion and framing of what happened.

Chapters 17-19

Back to kicking ass and taking names ;)

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