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We know our TBRs are already way out of control, but there’s a few reasons my series should be - nay, deserves to be! - catapulted to the top of your TBR.

Fantasy stories nowadays span so many sub-genres. Did you know there are over 3,000 genres (according to K-Lytics) on Amazon alone?

You want a story with staying power. From the first page to the very last, feel the characters triumph over trials and celebrate the changes they conquer, both inside and out.


(And, just a heads up, my stories probably won’t hit the spot for you if you don’t like soulmates with a twist, or fae told in a new way. Just so we're clear ;)


Independent authors make up about 25% of books sold on Amazon alone. There’s no way to know how many there are in the fantasy category, but I’d say there are a lot, and we are punching above our weight to bring you fresh, fantastic stories.


Enter: Becky James.
Discover a new world with a fresh take on your favourite tropes.

Portal sword and sorcery

Portal sword and sorcery fantasy featuring twinned souls with a twist, The King's Swordsman by Becky James is a fascinating fantasy series with a unique storyline. With a blend of sword-fighting, royalty, and magic of the fictional realm of Oberrot along with the modern technology and lifestyle of Earth, there is plenty to explore.

‘The Tenets in the Tattoos’ by Becky James is the first in an ambitious YA Fantasy series. In a world where everyone has a "soulmate", another person who compliments and completes them, though not in a romantic sense, readers loved the idea behind each person having a soulmate, but in this case, they were companions or friends, not lovers; Tenets is the first in this new concept.


Thorrn has lived for a lot longer than most people without finding his soul companion. When he does, he must not only learn to accept her but then work together with a collection of unlikely allies to save the kingdom. With secrets, revelations and plot twists along the way, ‘The Tenets in the Tattoos’ is an action-packed adventure.


The Magic Book Corner

“This author has a gift of making her readers live her tales alongside her characters!”
Dark tides black bg.jpg

Dark fae romance

In a fae world that is dying as its magic seeps away, selkies may turn the tide. Rare Scottish fae locked in an eternal war meet curious selkies who aren’t passive girls; they are on a mission.


Selkie Darla is determined to explore the human world for every single minute of her allotted seven days in human form, and the immortal Cat Sidhe Rory seems just perfect to take her on an exciting adventure. But everyone knows cats love to play with their prey, and Darla's adventure might not be quite as lovely as she expects…

Dark Tides features a conflict between two fae from folklore, the Cat and Cu Sidhe. Selkie sisters Neri and Darla are caught in the middle, separately exploring the fae realm, its magic and mysteries, all while falling in love for the first time. 

dark tides white bg.jpg

The Magic Book Corner

"A fantasy tale with all the feels. A bit dark, quite ballsy, and full of heart. The perfect mix of bitter and sweet, just like a delicious silky dark chocolate."

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