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The King's Swordsman

Portal sword and sorcery, featuring soul-mates... with a twist.

Book 1

The Tenets in the Tattoos



Most quoted

"I don't believe in myself, but I believe in you, and you believe in me, so hopefully that will do."


Enemies to inseperable friends

Twinned souls with a twist

Breaking the tenets of Special Forces means one thing. Death.


Thorrn has his life mapped out – be the best swordsman in the king’s army and become Captain one day. What doesn’t fit in with his plans is some short, unimpressive waif claiming to be his soul companion, the platonic other half of his spirit.


But when the king demands that he hand Evyn over, Thorrn is confronted with a choice: protect Evyn and keep her secret from the magical community who would drain her for the power resonating inside her, or turn her over to save his career, family name, and reputation. 


When a powerful mage moves against the kingdom, Thorrn and Evyn will have to summon all their courage and find allies from unexpected corners – including different worlds and times. For alongside the realms of Oberrot and Earth are the multiverses, and one of them should surely be able to help…

A swordsman, an apothecarist, a shy librarian (“I’m beginning to think being underestimated is kind of my superpower”), and a powerful mage. Only they can save the kingdom.


A page-turning new adventure awaits, from a fresh voice in fantasy. Contains twinned souls with a twist, enemies to inseparable friends, coming of age, learning to accept yourself and others, some epic swordfights, and a smattering of romance.


The Magic Book Corner

“This author has a gift of making her readers live her tales alongside her characters!”

Rest of the series

You've found your newest fantasy obsession.

Books 1 to 4 are published, completing Omnibus One and the first full arc of the series, with 5 to 8 coming in 2023!

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Meet the characters

You'll be spending a lot of time with these guys and gals!

What inspired you to write this series?

Ticking off another book on my ever-expanding TBR (I’m sure you can relate!), I searched around for my next read. I needed a story with action, exploration, to see our world afresh through new eyes; I craved characters who would stay with me long after the story itself ended. Tired of the soul-mates trope, I wanted something that wasn’t “we are two halves of the same spirit and therefore lovers.” Why would they be lovers, right? They’d be more like best friends, encouraging but also not afraid to point out when you have toilet paper on your shoe or help recover when you’ve done something dumb, dusting you off when you’re down and setting you straight.


I couldn’t find anything like that, so I started writing it. James Runcie said, “Fiction has to be more than a conjuring trick about people's lives. Plot must be secondary to character. I am also interested in incredible prose.” I had a lot to learn! 


I debuted in August 2021 and immediately got overwhelmed with reader response! Now I’m a USA Today Bestselling Author, and I am truly delighted you have found room on your shelf for the worlds and words I weave.


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