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Best fantasy series The King's Swordsman Omnibus One!

Have you been waiting to drop through the portal to The King's Swordsman series?

Then don't miss out!

This is for you! The Kickstarter campaign for The Mettle of the MasterMage contains an exclusive reward that you cannot buy anywhere else: Omnibus One of The King's Swordsman series.


This digital edition is all four books in arc one of the series, PLUS the novella Dough Boy, and packed with character art, gorgeous maps and character interviews! 

What's inside?

Omnibus One is the first four books of the series PLUS a novella!

Mettle of the MasterMage kickstater exclusive.jpg

The Magic Book Corner

“This author has a gift of making her readers live her tales alongside her characters!”

What's the tea?

The Kickstarter will be launching in March with Omnibus One as a reward. This digital edition of Books 1-4 plus novella and more is EXCLUSIVE to Kickstarter. As well as grabbing your copy, you'll be helping to create Book 5 and start the next arc of the beloved series!

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