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The Lorekeeper's Domain

Hello there IFA Summer Challenge participants! You are in the right place to play my Author Game! This is Step 2, generating the weapon to form the basis of the tattoo.

Simply press play on this video and screenshot it, or press pause when you want. It will "land" on a particular weapon from my series. Then, head back to IFA and tell me what you got, along with your special numbers and initials of your favourite characters from Step 1.

Thank you so much for playing! As a special thank you, grab 10% off EVERYTHING in my shop (ebooks and paperbacks!) using the code HELLOIFA at checkout.

(A reminder, in case you missed step 1: The numbers are: A six-digit date that is of importance to you. It can be the first day of summer, the start of a holiday, or the day you met your loved one. I don’t need to know why it’s important to you.


Two initials of your favourite characters. E.g. Aspen and Killien: A + K.)



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