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Sneak peek of first two chapters!

I am super delighted to give you a sneak peek of the first two chapters of The Shadow of Death, releasing 4th October as part of The Realm of Darkness anthology.

The brief was to write a fantasy romance with a creature of the night. I couldn't resist trawling through Celtic legends, Scottish and Welsh, to bring together two countries very dear to my heart. I was born and raised in Wales, and I spent four years living in St Andrews, Scotland. Hence this novel is absolutely soaked with the spirit of the sea, declining myths, and forgotten gods.

Neri is a selkie looking for her sister. Tough and wary, she has a mission, and won't let anything distract her.

Shay is the right hand fae of the Welsh god of the Otherworld, Arawn. With the shadow of death under his control (most of the time) he leads the Cu Sidhe in shepherding human souls to the next life in Scotland and in Wales. But the fae are fading, their powers weakening, and rival Cat Sidhe think it is to do with the fate of these souls.

When Shay meets Neri, he cannot interfere with her death, except the shadow compels him to. What does it mean that the shadow wants her? And is it the shadow... or himself?

Please enjoy this sneak peek right here!

The-Shadow-of-Death-Print Chapters 1 and 2
Download PDF • 1.26MB

There's not just my book in this limited edition fantasy romance anthology! 41 complete novels, all for 99c. It cannot last, though; grab it now, before the fae steal it away!



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