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Part 1 of Book 1 is here!!!


So excited I locked on my caps lock for a second there, gosh, excuse me. And those extra exclaimation points, goodness me.

But yes, so excited! I am giving away (yes, giving away. For free) Part 1 of my debut novel.

I'm calling the segment First Impressions.

What's even more exciting is you can download it in whatever format suits you - Mobi for Kindle, Epub for all other e-Readers, and even PDF.

You can get it by signing up to my newsletter. Once your email is confirmed, you will get a download link asap. Then you'll be onboarded to my newsletter, but, you already kind of wanted to do that, right? (And of course you always have the option to unsubscribe, no hard feelings).

(Want to try it out? Check out the Sample Chapter)



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