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Five No-Cost Ways to Give Your Favourite Authors a Gift

Whether fantasy authors or otherwise, here are some (completely free to you!) ways to give the authors you love a gift - at any time of year! (Remember, favourite authors are for life, not just for Christmas ;)

1. Write them a review

This is the top thing you can do for an author you love. It doesn't have to be long, just a few words on what you liked about it and how the book made you feel is enough. A review on a bookseller's website such as Amazon, or a review site such as Goodreads is AMAZING, because it helps boost visibility to others in the rankings. This is the single most powerful thing you can do for an author. Every little helps on the algorithm, so don't ever think your contribution won't count.

Need inspiration? Check out some of the reviews below!

^^^ This means THE WORLD to authors like me!

Still not convinced? I composed a little song to help sweeten the deal:

2. Follow them on their socials

Number two is to follow them wherever you like to hang out. Most authors have a social media presence somewhere, whether that's Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Kickstarter, wherever. Follow them wherever you are active, join their groups, and step inside! You can even be a lurker, but, you know what I'm going to say - every little helps on the algorithm, so don't ever think your contribution won't count.

3. Recommend their books

This one is super powerful as well - there's nothing like a personal recommendation from a reader to another! There are lots of fantasy groups out there, here are just a selection:

Even just sharing review blogs is really helpful too!

Try these:

4. Make a meme

Memes are sticky because they are sharable, just look at the ones I've added to this post!

If a particular scene touched you, why not memeify it?

5. Reach out and say hi

If you loved an authors work, why not reach out and say so? Use publicly available means of contacting them - many authors have a "You can contact me here!" page or email. You would brighten their day up considerably! I can't wait until I get an email from a reader, that really will be a pinnacle achievement!

Last note

These are all at no cost to you except time. If a book really touched you, please consider doing some or even all of these for your favourite authors. It would be time well spent for a fantastic gift x

Take care!



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