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Cover reveal for Dark Tides Omnibus

Do you love:

  • Star crossed love stories?

  • Mystery and myths spanning generations?

  • Celtic legends brought to life in a new way by a USA Today Bestselling Author?

  • And you want it swoony and sweet OR hot and spicy, and want to enjoy the story the way YOU like?

This book is for you!

Cover design and sprayed edges by the talented Allegra Pescatore.

For the first time, all three full novels PLUS a never-before-seen prequel will be brought together in a hardback omnibus and digital omnibus, and in sweet OR spicy editions to suit your preference!

You will love this series if you adore:

  • Character driven stories

  • Hilarious fish-out-of-water scenes (or is that selkie out of water scenes?)

  • Defiantly different portal fantasy

  • Plenty of twists and turns

  • Welsh myths swirled with Scottish legends

  • Stories with lots of heart, a bit dark and ballsy

  • Characters with staying power

“A fantasy tale with all the feels. A bit dark, quite ballsy, and full of heart.” - The Magic Book Corner, 5 stars

“I love a book that can make me laugh, can make me bite my nails anxiously, (and) can evoke a warm feeling in my heart, and this book did all that in spades!! - Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

And for the first time, get it either fade-to-black sweet, or hot and spicy!

What's included?

The ebooks we are creating together will include:

  • Never-before-seen prequel story.

  • Your name or a name of your choice in the thank yous section.

  • Artwork we create together.

  • Choice of spicy or sweet story inside, so you can enjoy the story how YOU like it.

The hardback we are creating together will include:

  • Separate case and dust jacket designs that will look spectacular on your shelves.

  • Sprayed edges that are out of this world - seriously the most intricate we've ever seen (and we're not biased, promise!)

  • It will be made in Britain and shipped to me to sign each and every copy with the personalisation of your choice.

  • Your name or a name of your choice in the thank yous section.

  • AND it will be available in spicy (doors open on the action) or sweet (fade to black), with both versions having the heart-pounding first meetings and growing affection you'd expect from fantasy romance. One version (spicy) just gets more... descriptive, yes, let's call it that ;) So whether you like it hot or like to leave bedroom antics to the imagination, you can still enjoy the Dark Tides series and the beautiful hardcover by backing the version you want.

  • Full colour pages of gorgeous artwork.

Click here to get to the Kickstarter page, where you will need to click "Notify me on launch" to know when we push go and you can get your exclusive, handsigned collector's edition. You will need to sign in or sign up to Kickstarter to get the notification.



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