When feeling emotions can result in ruin, what else can you do but pull away?


The newly anointed MasterMage of Oberrot, Tuniel is getting to grips with her new role – and the new people in her life. Unused to forging relationships, as anyone close to her could be used against her, she nevertheless enjoys the company of a certain enthusiastic swordsman.


That is, until King Gough finds out.


Now she has to negotiate as she has never negotiated before, and in a court where the cut and thrust of words can spell the start of war, she has to tread very carefully, or else the accords will collapse like shattered stone. 


Even if it means shearing her heart in two. 




This is the companion novella to The Bind of Blood and Bonds - the novella can be read before BBB, just know that there will be spoilers! 


Content warning: This publication contains content including physical violence and reference to self harm, suicide and domestic violence. Reader proceed at your own discretion.

Tuniel: The Cold Mage

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