Breaking the tenets of Special Forces means one thing. Death.


Thorrn is an accomplished swordsman desperate for his promotion. But when the king orders that he hand over a girl from the fabled lost realm of Earth, Thorrn’s soul companion, Thorrn struggles to obey. If he doesn’t bow to the king’s wishes, he will be executed.


Evyn cannot quite believe that this world of Oberrot is real, but grey grass is hard to fake. She has to keep her origins secret, or risk all-out war with the magical community. 


Aubin is sick of being an apothecary. Unable to defeat death, chafing at injustices piled on him, he’s ready to quit. But when he sees someone in distress and realises he could help, he is confronted with a life-changing choice – he will have to commit treason to remedy this.


Working together, they come up with an unlikely plan. Only if they trust each other and put their egos aside can they defeat their common enemy. But do they even have a common enemy, and can the apothecarist be trusted at all…?


A swordsman, an apothecarist, a shy librarian (“I’m beginning to think being underestimated is kind of my superpower”), and a powerful mage. Only they can save the kingdom.



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The Tenets in the Tattoos - signed

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