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Sneak preview!

I have figured out this website and I can now offer readers an exclusive preview. I am truly excited to introduce you to these characters. I can't wait to hear what you think, and what your First Impressions are ;)

Working blurb:

Thorrn Shardsson has his life all laid out for him - he's already the best fighter in Special Forces protecting the King, so all he needs to do to become Captain one day is to stay awesome and, if there's time, flirt with all the girls. Actually, he'll make time for the latter. But in order to be a complete human being, he's going to need to pair up with his soul. On Oberrot, people are born as two halves, usually male and female pairs. Thorrn has yet to find his heart's partner but there's a promising looking match ahead. The King's soul Rose has a family somewhere outside of the City of Oberrot; today she is bringing her daughter, a girl the same age as Thorrn. He has spent his life building up a whole fantasy in his mind about what his soul will be like - but will she live up to expectations and make a good first impression?

Go to the Sample Chapter page now to check it out!



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