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Found Family Reads - YA SFF Blog hop

Hey hey hello and welcome to the Young Adults Sci-fi Fantasy Winter Blog Hop! So happy to see you here!

I'm so excited to be part of this blog hop where you can get a stocking stuffer every day from fantastic authors - each post features a freebie and the chance to win our mega giveaway!

12 Days of Christmas

Day 3 - Me! You're in the right place ;)

Stocking stuffer

Grab your free copy of Dough Boy here, a prequel novella to my series The King's Swordsman that you can't get anywhere else!

Found Family

The winter season can be family-focused, and I wanted to explore the family that we build for ourselves, whether friends, relatives or book buddies. Here are some awesome friendships and relationships that aren't romantic or blood-based in fantasy and sci-fi that I think you should check out. And this year, I'm grateful to have found such awesome reads and met many of the lovely people behind the books ;) Indie authors, you are MY new found family, and this Christmas, I wish you all the best <3

Revenge by Dani Hoots

What I love about it:

So much found family! The setting is rich and gorgeous, and good enough to eat.

If you love Firefly, you will love this book <3

Favourite relationship: Ellie and Zach

Whisper of Darkness by Kristen Braddock

What I love about it:

The found family in this is based on a balance of snark and genuine respect for one another. The banter is delicious!

If you like defiantly different fae, you will fall in love with Cara <3

Favourite relationship: Cara and Shay!

Solace of Memory by Allegra Pescatore

What I love about it:

The holidays can be tough. Family isn't always there, and when we're going through tough times, it can be hard to admit we need support. Solace of Memory has Gabe working through some bad memories, with the help of his fast friends.

Favourite relationship: Fed and Faye!

Down Falls the Queen by Katherine D. Graham

What I love about it: Even immortals need friends, especially when they cannot trust their families. Friends and alliances can come from unexpected places on the bridge between good and evil.

Favourite relationship: Nate and Rei.

The Tenets in the Tattoos by... me!

Couldn't resist. ;) Found family is one of the things I absolutely love, so of course I'm going to put it in my novel.

Favourite relationship: Each have their own quirks and ways of being with the others, from quiet encouragement to backslapping and interventions to tell it like it is. I do like Aubin and Thorrn though <3.

Stocking stuffer

Grab your free copy of Dough Boy here, a prequel novella to my series The King's Swordsman that you can't get anywhere else!

Enter to win!

From now until 26th December, enter for a chance to WIN BIG!

The Facebook group YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy Addicts is here to brighten your winter by giving away a bundle of bookish merch worth more than $750. With one grand prize winner and two runners-up, there's 3x more chances to win this season!

Grand Prize includes:

  • $50 Amazon Gift Card

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  • The Book Lover's Reading Journal, Hardcover-Spiral

  • 2 Pack Handmade Vintage-Style Metal Feather Bookmark Gift Box

  • Bookish goodies like bookmarks and art

  • 1 hardcover book

  • 18 ebooks

  • 19 paperbacks (some of them are signed by the author!)

Two Runners-Up will also each receive:

  • Indie book swag like bookplates, a signed postcard, bookmarks, and stickers

  • 25 ebooks

  • 3 audiobooks

Enter now!



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