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Dragons and decisions

I was invited to review J.A. Culican's latest release, 'How to Kill a Dragon', released only last week and making waves on the 'Zon.

The premise is simple – a skilled dragon hunter has to kill a dragon. As one of the fae entrusted with this momentus task, Minx needs to secure a dragon hide to sustain the magic that protects her home. But you know it's not going to be that simple. When she locks on to a likely target, the dragon knocks her off-guard, both literally, and then figuratively, when he transforms into a rather likeable and good looking lad.

Minx is relatable despite being fae, because the weight of familial expectations has no doubt been felt by many, but my heart was won over by Kaleb. I do like those with brave hearts of gold! He has a duty and he will do whatever is needed to keep his people safe, even if that means taking on the darkness himself.

A common enemy unites them and they start to work together, but there's history between their two peoples...

I give it a solid 4/5. I'm not a shifter person, but I liked the themes of this book, as pertinent now as they ever were. Can we look beyond age-old disagreements between peoples? Can we treat people as individuals, and not judge them based on where they call home? And what would we do for our families and communities - and how do we define who they are?

I received an eARC of this book and have given it an honest review.



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