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Dough Boy is coming!


I've written a short story about Gavain and how he meets Thorrn. It will be a prequel novella, before the events in 'The Tenets in the Tattoos.'

'Dough Boy'

The baker's boy gets by as best as he can, but when he defeats a rogue mage, he realises he might have a promising career as a swordsman for the king. But can he convince his father - and himself - of that?

Look out for information on how to get it coming soon!

I have mixed reactions from people about Gavain. I like him, because he keeps taking me off in different directions. When I think he'd be a great ally, he decides against that. When I set him up as a villain, he baulks. In the parlance of DnD he is true neutral, taking advantage of situations as they arise, but he's also smart, calculating the best probability of success and forging relationships around that.

That was why it was so interesting to delve into his past, and find out more about him. As it turns out, the baker boy has a chip in his shoulder a mile wide about being born into privilege, and he really will not stand for anyone thinking that they can help or rescue him.

I'm looking forward to sharing this with you! Publication date: around mid- to late June.



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