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Dough Boy

Eee! Have I got something as delicious as freshly baked bread for you.

Gavain is Thorrn's childhood friend, and, as the series has progressed, he wants his tale told more and more. So I decided to do just that. Behold: a freshly baked novella!

The baker's boy gets by as best as he can, but when he defeats a rogue mage, he realises he might have a promising career as a swordsman for the king. But can he convince his father - and himself - of that?

Gavain Gomoresson spends his days helping his father and dreaming of being something more. When a boy from Special Forces arrives to investigate the potential hiding place of a rogue mage, Gavain surprises himself – and his father.

Eager to try out to join the regular army, Gavain joins for Intake Sennight and meets with resistance; not only from the other recruits, but within himself and his father. Can he decide what his heart wants and seize it?

This is a prequel novella to 'The Tenets in the Tattoos,' part of 'The King's Swordsman' series.

You don't need to read it to enjoy 'Tenets', but I promise you, it's a lot of fun!

How do I get my copy?

Sign up for my mailing list, confirm that the email we have is the right one through the confirmation email, and a direct link to your very own copy of 'Dough Boy' will wing its way to you. And, the best news is, it's free <3. Happy reading!



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