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Crossing Genres - Ginger Li

Ginger Li is one of the coolest authors I know. Not only does she write YA fantasy (yay!) but is also dabbling in other genres. Sometimes I write what needs to be written, and then try and see where it fits, so I'm always inspired by authors who know that good storytelling spans genres and categories; and that if readers trust in a safe pair of hands, they're going to enjoy the story no matter what!

Hi Ginger! Can you introduce yourself to the blog-friends?

Hi! My name is Ginger and I’m an indie YA author. I’ve always wanted to be an author and after having my second child, I took the leap and wrote my first book. After a few years of hard work, I finally finished my first YA fantasy series this past December.

Oooh! Tell me more about that, we're all for YA fantasy here

My Light and Fire Series follows the adventures of Lia, a high school senior from modern-day society.

Lia dreams of dragons and has the uncanny ability to see visions of the future. Her life completely changes when she agrees to travel to another world to help a new friend break a horrible curse. As she navigates this new reality, Lia learns about her magical past and meets a whole gang of characters who end up becoming the family that she didn’t know she needed. Lia will need to use everything she learns and rely on her friends to find and defeat an ancient enemy.

Who should pick it up?

If you’re a fan of epic adventures, diverse characters, strong heroines, and slow-burn romances, this is definitely the book for you.

Noted! What projects are on the go for you this year?

This year, I’m doing a complete one-eighty and publishing two books in a new YA coming-of-age romance series. I know, it seems like quite a departure from writing fantasy, but I’d like to think that all my stories contain friendship, adventure, a bit of magic, and a lot of heart.

You can find Ginger on Instagram or Facebook, and her NL is here. I haven't been paid for this - I just really like Ginger!



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